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One part of handling roofing repairs and replacements is dealing with your insurance company. No one likes this part, which is why we provide as much assistance as we can. Dealing with insurance claims does get easier the more you do it, and as a roofing contractor, we have years of experience here.

We’ll provide your insurance company with everything they need to process the claim. If you have any questions, we’ll either have the answer for it or help you get an answer.

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Roof Damage

Every year, June through November, Alabama’s Gulf Coast is susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes.  Because of this, we are specially prepared and equipped to provide emergency storm damage roof repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during hurricane season. We often provide temporary roof tarping to keep water out of your home until it is safe and dry enough to make the repairs or replace the roof.

Hail Damage

One of the leading causes of roof damage is hail. Hail damage can be very minor and hard to see unless you get up on the roof yourself. That’s where you want a licensed roofing contractor to look over the roof. We will carefully check each section of shingles, PVC roofing, or tile to make certain there’s no damage.

We also look at every other part of your roof, including the siding, the roof vents, and the sealant around skylights to make sure nothing had been damaged there. Any small amount of hail damage can later lead to worse damage that’s much more costly to repair.

We provide roofing contractor services in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for help!

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